Answering Commonly Asked Orthodontic Questions

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When a person has alignment issues with their teeth, it can pose some fairly significant problems. While individuals may focus on the cosmetic issues that these teeth alignment problems can create, there are also functional issues that can arise as well as the teeth suffering excessive wear.

Can Any Dentist Provide Straightening Services?

It is important for individuals to appreciate the fact that they will need to visit a specialist to be able to undergo their dental straightening procedure. Properly straightening teeth takes years of additional training on top of what dentists must already complete. Luckily, it is common for a traditional dentist to be able to refer their patients to local orthodontists that will have the training and equipment needed to effectively address any dental alignment issues that may be present. Prior to starting these treatments, you will want to consult with your insurance company as some policies may actually provide partial coverage for a variety of orthodontic procedures.

What Type Of Time Frame Will Be Needed To Straighten Your Teeth?

The amount of time that you will need to allow for your teeth to straighten will vary depending on many different factors. In some instances, patients may only need a few months of these straightening treatments to address these problems, but those that suffer from extensive alignment issues may need up to a couple of years of treatments to fully address all of their alignment problems. During the initial consultations with the orthodontist, you will be provided with a range of estimated treatment times for each straightening option. This can allow for patients to understand what to expect as well as to choose the option that balances their need for affordability with speed.

Is It Possible To Have Your Teeth Straighten In A Discrete Way?

You likely want to avoid having to wear extremely noticeable braces. However, patients often assume that there is no way to avoid this source of embarrassment. Luckily, there is a range of teeth straightening options that allow patients to straighten their teeth in the most discrete manner possible. Among the most popular of these options are clear retainers. These retainers work in much the same way as braces, but patients will be able to remove them as they need. Unfortunately, clear retainers may not be suitable for patients that are needing extensive straightening work, but these patients can still opt for clear braces. While these will not be as discrete as removable retainers, they are far less noticeable than traditional metal braces.