You Can Have Nice Teeth Even if You Love Sweets


4 Tips To Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Teeth

You want to keep your kid’s teeth as healthy as possible. You take them to the dentist (like those at HC Dentistry) at least twice a year and you encourage them to brush their teeth at least twice a day. That’s a good start to healthy teeth. Here are some other steps you can take to […]

Biomimetic Dentistry: Crafting Beautiful Smiles Without Pulling Teeth

You may have heard the term “biomimetic dentistry” and wondered what it means. Biomimetic dentistry is the practice of dental preservation and tooth conservation. Using advanced adhesives and materials, biomimetic dentists believe in working with the teeth you have, even if those teeth are in less-than-perfect condition. Biomimetic dentistry seeks to save the natural tooth. […]

2 Advantages To Getting Your Teeth Whitened By A Dentist

Trying to get your teeth as white as possible can be quite the time-consuming and stressful process, mostly because there are quite a few different methods available. While the multitude of home whitening kits do have their place, they are no match for the whitening solutions provided by a dentist. A dentist is the better […]

3 Potential Dental Treatments For A Deep Cavity

Small or surface cavities in teeth can often be treated with a simple filling. But deeper and wider cavities may require more advanced treatment to protect the tooth from further decay and to strengthen the tooth that remains. But saving the tooth isn’t always possible, depending on the severity of the cavity. If you have […]

How To Give Yourself New Confidence

Have you always battled with your identity? Have you recently gone through a divorce, lost a job or had another negative experience that made you feel less of a person than you really are? Whatever the reason, here are some ideas that might inspire you to give yourself new confidence. Consider dividing your life into […]

3 Signs That You Have An Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth is a tooth that is positioned in the wrong way. This means that another tooth or something else in your mouth can prevent it from coming up through your gums. Most adults who suffer from an impacted tooth have this issue with their wisdom teeth. This problem can be more serious than […]

Help Your Child Cope With Anesthesia At The Dentist

If you are worried about your child and want to know how to make it easier for him or her and the dentist during surgery, especially if your son will need to get anesthetized, read on. The following will provide you with information about how children handle dental visits, anesthesia, and tips on how to make it easier […]