Afraid Of The Dentist? Not Anymore

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Which is more painful—your throbbing toothache or going to the dentist? Years ago it was a tossup but not today. Dentistry has advanced so much that most procedures are completely painless.

Still afraid? Gag easily? You're not alone so join the group of patients that prefer sedation dentistry. Feel comfortably relaxed while the dentist works on your mouth. He can do any type of procedure—fillings, crowns, bridges, and even implants.

Breathe Laughing Gas

Many people choose laughing gas, officially referred to as nitrous oxide. It's popular for a few reasons:

  • Patients have used it for decades with good results. It's both a painkiller and a natural emotional relaxer. You'll feel happy even while the dentist is drilling.
  • There is no advance preparation before your dental appointment nor any lingering effects after treatment. You can drive a car a few minutes later.

Take a Pill

Notify the dentist when you make the appointment that you prefer a sedative. The office will call in a prescription to your local pharmacy. You need to pick up the medicine the day before your appointment.

A friend should accompany you to the office. You won't be able to drive before or after the procedure since the sedative affects your judgment for several hours. Patients may not have any memory of dental procedures being done on their mouth. It's a good choice if you get really nervous just walking to the exam room.

Drugs Through an IV

If your dentist needs to complete an extensive level of work in one visit, then you might need intravenous sedation. It's safe to use for several hours. Moreover, the dentist can alter the amount of drugs as he proceeds from a minor procedure to something more intense, such as drilling into the jawbone to insert a post for an implant.

You won't feel pain or fear. And if your fear is of gagging, patients don't feel the gag reflex when sedated. If you would like to have amnesia of your entire dental visit, then IV sedation might be a good choice.

How You Benefit

The most important benefit is your health, and not just oral health. Infections and cancer that start in the mouth can enter the bloodstream. When they do, the bacteria or cancerous cells can cause problems in other parts of your body. Regular dental treatment can prevent this from happening.

You deserve a healthy mouth and gorgeous smile. Bleeding gums usually advance to teeth breaking off at the gum line or falling out completely. It's no fun grinding your food due to missing teeth. Toothaches are no joy, either. Sedation dentistry is the easy solution.