Trends For Your Teeth: The Hottest Things In Cosmetic Dentistry

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You're well aware that fashion trends go in and out of style, but did you know that the same principle holds for cosmetic dentistry? While good oral hygiene is always in style, there are different procedures that become more and less fashionable as the year goes on. If you're looking to have your mouth be as hip as the rest of you, then here are a few cosmetic dentistry trends to watch out for this year.

Trend #1: Natural Whitening

Blindingly white teeth have been in style since the advent of MTV, but the methodology tends to vary from year to year. This year, look for natural whitening methods -- they tend to be cheaper, easier to use, and better for the environment. With the movement for organic commodities -- from foodstuffs to makeup -- it's not surprising that the trend has moved into dental procedures.

Whether you make a strawberry and salt paste or stick to the tried and true lemon juice and baking soda, the chemical-free solution is the way to go for white teeth. Your mouth will look fabulous, and you'll be doing the planet a favor.

Trend #2: Adult Braces

Move over, pre-teens -- braces are becoming the domain of the adult. No one would call braces fashionable, but their benefits -- straight, even teeth -- are hard to ignore. And over time, it seems like the hassle of orthodontia becomes less severe. Options that cut traditional orthodontia time in half and clear braces are becoming more common for adults who are ready to participate in the trend of beautiful teeth without suffering through too much time as a metal mouth. 

With the advances in orthodontic technology, straight teeth can be achieved in an astonishingly short amount of time, making it attractive to adults who couldn't have their teeth straightened when they were younger. Even better, more and more orthodontists are investing in clear braces, so you can get straight teeth without all the wires attached -- literally.

Trend #3: Composite Bonding

This one may sound a bit intimidating, but never fear; the process is comparable for that of applying gel nails. Whether your teeth are chipped, discolored, or have decayed, they can look great again with the help of a dental composite. This material, which looks and feels like an actual tooth once applied, is smoothed over the actual tooth, mimicking the correct shape, and then hardened immediately with an ultra-intense light. Composite bonding acts as manicure for your teeth that'll let you smile with pride, with all those chips and divots from years of wear and tear looking smooth and shiny once again.