How To Give Yourself New Confidence

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Have you always battled with your identity? Have you recently gone through a divorce, lost a job or had another negative experience that made you feel less of a person than you really are? Whatever the reason, here are some ideas that might inspire you to give yourself new confidence.

Consider dividing your life into four parts, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual and the physical. One really good thing to do is to find out if you are doing the things that will build each of those parts of your persona. 

Your Emotional Life - Are you making time to get with friends?

  • Consider doing what your mother did for you when you were very young. Set up play dates with friends or family members.
  • At this point, it's important for you to associate with individuals who are positive and who will build you rather than dump on you.
  • Of course, you will also benefit from giving service to others. Among other choices, consider volunteering at a school, visiting a nursing home, or giving time at an animal shelter. 

Your Mental Life - If you feel like your brain needs stimulating, this might be a great time to set some new goals.

  • Consider finishing a degree or learning a new language.
  • Even if you're not a full-time student, think about taking classes in art literature, world history, or any other subject that interests you.
  • Another good way to stimulate your brain is to do something that's extremely hard, almost out of reach. Perhaps it's time for you to take an advanced math class or study it on your own.

Your Spiritual Life - Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, or even if you profess not to believe in a higher deity, you can still become stronger when you build your spirit.

  • Start by counting your blessings, the good parts of your life. You will probably be amazed at how many good things you have going for you.
  • Read scriptures and other inspiring books. Even novels like The Alchemist, Life of Pi and The Gift: A Novel may help you to reflect in a positive way.
  • Consider making prayer a part of your everyday life. If you don't believe in prayer, think about making time to meditate.

Your Physical Life - Consider giving yourself an honest evaluation on the state of your body.

  • Are you healthy? Perhaps it's time for you to have a physical so that you can make sure that all your body parts are working well.
  • It's really important for you to make time to exercise. Among other benefits, exercise helps to prevent disease, improves stamina, reduces stress and it improves your mood.
  • Take stock of your appearance. Do you need to add or lose weight? What about a new hairdo or a makeover? Do your teeth need whitening? Teeth whitening can be done at home with products you buy right at the grocery store or at a drug store. If that doesn't work, consider having the work done at your dental office. Your dentist will use custom trays that fit your teeth and, because you will be supervised, a stronger bleaching solution can be used. In addition, in a dentist's office light or heat might be administered which will make the process a faster one. For more information on teeth whitening, call a local dental practice like Elma Family Dental.

Congratulations on taking steps that will boost your self confidence.