2 Advantages To Getting Your Teeth Whitened By A Dentist

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Trying to get your teeth as white as possible can be quite the time-consuming and stressful process, mostly because there are quite a few different methods available. While the multitude of home whitening kits do have their place, they are no match for the whitening solutions provided by a dentist. A dentist is the better choice for whitening if you want the fastest results and want to save a bit of money.

Fastest Results

One of the most frustrating parts of the teeth whitening process is that many of the home whitening kits will take some time to actually affect the color of your teeth. Depending on how dark your teeth have been stained, you could easily end up having to utilize the whitening kits for months before you see any noticeable results.

However, a dentist can help you avoid these issues by providing you with a number of different solutions that can speed up the whitening process. For example, a dentist can provide you with a custom-molded mouth tray that will be filled with extremely strong whitening compounds. These whitening compounds are so strong that they are only available through a dentist.

Another option that a dentist can use to provide rapid results is light-assisted whitening. This option has the dentist applying whitening compounds to your teeth, then using a UV light to cause the compounds to rapidly whiten your teeth. A downside to this approach is that some people are extremely sensitive to UV light, so you will want to let your dentist know if you have a UV sensitivity in order to avoid burnt gums.

Save Money

Finally, seeing a dentist in order to get your teeth whitened can actually save you money versus utilizing a home whitening kit. Since home whitening kits are often not as effective as the methods available to a dentist, there is a good chance that you will need to buy a lot of them before your teeth reach the whiteness level that you want. The expense of buying that many kits can potentially cost more than the handful of visits to a dentist that you may need to achieve the same results.

In addition, many dentists will actually offer whitening discounts that you can utilize to lower the cost even more. For example, your dentist may offer free whitening to new customers, or if you refer customers to them. There is even a chance that your dental insurance may cover a portion of cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening.

Speak to your dentist in order to discuss which whitening method would provide the best results for you particular needs. A dentist is a great choice for whitening as he or she can provide faster results than home whitening kits. A dentist can also potentially save you a bit of money on whitening versus using home whitening products.

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