Avoid These Lesser-Known Staining Foods After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

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Visiting your local dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened can make you feel better about how your smile looks, which can quickly elevate your self-confidence. Once the look of your pearly whites has met your expectations, you want to be sure that you don't consume any foods or drinks that promote staining to the tooth enamel. It's common knowledge that things such as red wine, coffee and soft drinks can all lead to staining that reverses the success of the whitening process, but there are other products that can also pose a threat. Here are some lesser-known things that are best to avoid after you've had your teeth whitened.


Turmeric is a yellow-orange spice that you can easily find in the supermarket, and it can stain anything that gets in its path — including your teeth. This spice is common in Indian cuisine and is often a prevalent ingredient in curry, helping to contribute to the rich color of the dish. Try to avoid eating turmeric for the role that it can play in staining your teeth. You'll know exactly how quickly it can stain if you get a drip on light-colored clothing, and the same holds true for your white tooth enamel.


If you've ever stored some tomato sauce in a white ceramic dish for a few days, you'll often see that the ceramic is tinted red afterward — and even after you scrub it with soap and water. The same issue can occur with your bright smile upon consuming tomatoes. Try to avoid canned tomatoes and pasta sauce; they're so concentrated that they tend to be worse culprits than fresh tomatoes.


Blueberries have plenty of nutritional value but can be detrimental to the whiteness of your smile — just think about how your lips can become stained for a while after you've eaten some blueberry pie or frozen blueberries. When you have a craving for fruit, plan to consume a different type of berry. Likewise, steer clear from fruit juices that contain blueberries, as these can also contribute to the staining of your teeth.

Frozen Treats

The arrival of summer means that you might be eager to enjoy some frozen treats, but many of these sweet products contain artificial dyes that can stain your newly whitened teeth. When you want a chilly treat to beat the heat, focus on something that is lighter colored, such as vanilla ice cream, as it won't have the same staining effect on your teeth. Click here to learn more about teeth whitening services.