7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dental Veneers

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Veneers can truly make your teeth look stunning and white. If you are unhappy with your natural teeth, it is completely plausible that you might want to ask your dentist about veneers. Once you have veneers installed, taking care of them is likely your key focus. These tips will help to ensure that you understand the best way to take care of your dental implants, allowing them to last a long period of time.

1. Treat your veneers just like your natural teeth.

It is important that you continue brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash as you typically would. Just make sure that you floss carefully to prevent chipping off your veneers. This will also help you maintain fresh breath.

2. Use whitening toothpaste.

If you are not already using a whitening toothpaste, it is important that you switch to it soon. This will help you keep your veneers as white as natural teeth, especially if you don't follow the next tip.

3. Avoid foods and drinks that are known to stain your teeth.

Tea, coffee, and soda are known for staining the teeth, leaving them appearing brown or yellow. It's important that you rinse your mouth with water or drink with a straw when you do indulge in these treats.

4. Make your regular dental appointments.

Even though you may have a full set of veneers, going to the dentist is still just as important as ever. You need to maintain your pearly smile, and regular six-month cleanings are the best way to do that.

5. Stop smoking.

One of the fastest ways to experience yellowing teeth is to continue smoking after you have veneers. Smoking cigarettes will stain even veneers yellow, so it is important to be careful.

6. Protect your mouth when you play sports.

A mouth guard is essential if you play sports in which you may find your mouth injured. This will prevent breaking and chipping of your set of lovely, white teeth. Veneers are just as fragile as your natural teeth, after all.

7. Talk to your dentist about bruxism.

Bruxism, more commonly known as grinding your teeth, tends to occur while you are sleeping. This can cause severe damage to your teeth or veneers, so it is important to protect yourself from this damage. A night guard can help you with that.

When you take care of your dental veneers, they can last for years on end without any work. They will stay white and bright, appearing just like your natural smile. Learn more by contacting services like Leidenheimer Dental Group Inc.