Tooth Restoration Options When You Have A Tooth Or Several Missing In Your Mouth

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When you have an area in your mouth with missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed to smile. If you want to replace the area with teeth you can use, you have several options. You can get titanium implants, a technology used to restore teeth one at a time, or you can get a porcelain fixed bridge. The bridge can be either a traditional bridge that gets attached to nearby teeth with wires, or you can get a bridge fixed into your mouth with titanium implant technology. If you need a full set of teeth in your mouth, your dentist can create dentures that can either be secured using denture adhesive or ones that are more secure and attached with implants.

Implant Technology for a Missing Tooth

Implant technology works by creating a new root and crown for your mouth. Your dentist will embed a small titanium rod into your jaw. This rod acts just like a tooth root. Once it has embedded, your dentist with then attach a crown to the top of the rod. This creates a secure, natural-looking tooth that doesn't require any special treatment. 

Fixed Bridges for Areas with Several Missing Teeth

A bridge is a small set of several teeth, created to replace more than one tooth in a particular area. Bridges are traditionally secured to your mouth using wire on nearby teeth. This can cause the teeth to become worn down where the wire is, leading to decay. You can also have a bridge fixed into your mouth using titanium rods, which removes the need for using wire on nearby teeth. A porcelain fixed bridge is made from porcelain, and will look and feel like your regular teeth.

If You Need Dentures

When you need a full set of teeth for your mouth, you can get a complete set of dentures. Traditional dentures are easy to take out, but often feel loose to the wearer. If you don't want to rely on denture adhesives, you can get titanium implants in your mouth to provide an attachment point for your dentures. The dentures can still be taken out by you, but they will fit much better. You won't have to worry about your dentures slipping when you use implants.

When you are ready to restore our smile, it's time to talk with your dentist about your options. With titanium implants, traditional porcelain bridges and dentures, you have plenty of choices to consider.