Keep Your Child's Smile Safe When Playing A Full-Contact Sport With A Custom-Made Mouth Guard

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Playing a full contact sport can be dangerous for any teen to do. There is always a chance that they could get hit in the mouth and have their teeth badly damaged. In order to prevent such an accident from occurring, it is best to take your child to have a professional mouth guard created to protect their teeth. The guide below walks you through a few things that you need to know about having a mouth guard custom made for your child.

Your Child Can Choose the Color of Their Guard

Mouth guards can be created in any color that your child would like. this allows them to customize their look so that they can feel more confident when they have to wear it. They can choose their favorite color or go with a color that will pair well with the uniform that they have to wear when they play.

The Mold Will Not Hurt Your Child's Mouth

When you take your child to be fitted for their mouth guard, the dentist will make a mold of their teeth. This ensures that the mouth guard fits over their teeth perfectly to provide maximum protection and comfort. The mold will not hurt their teeth at all, but will need to be held in place and pushed toward their gums to create the right impression. It is best to let your teen know what to expect before they go in to have the mouth guard created so that they are not shocked when they get there.

The Guard Needs to be Properly Stored

When your child is not wearing their mouth guard, it is best to store it in a case so that it does not get lost or damaged. The guard can warp if it is left out in extremely hot temperatures. It is best to have your child put the guard in the case and keep it in the bag that they take to and from their practices so that they always have it close at hand when they need it.

The guards may take a little bit of time to have made so be sure to go to have the mold created a few weeks before your teen starts in their sport. This will ensure that the guard can be made on time so that your child does not have to miss of a day of wearing it while they play.