Why Do Your Braces Hurt?

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Getting braces is wonderful for straightening out your teeth, but they do take a bit of getting used to. Braces can feel tight and even cause discomfort as you get used to them.

Why do your braces hurt? Use this guide to assist you, then call your orthodontist for relief.

Wires Are Protruding

Wires from your braces' metal brackets can come loose and break away, or they can simply protrude into your gums and cause discomfort or pain. Examine your braces and the inside of your lips where your braces touch; you should see small sores or irritation if your braces' wires are sticking out.

Don't pull on your braces or try to push any broken or displaced wires back into your mouth. Your orthodontist can examine your mouth and fix your braces so they are more comfortable for wear.

Your Braces Have Just Been Tightened

Until you get fully used to your braces, they will feel tight and like they are putting a lot of pressure on your teeth. You have to have your braces tightened periodically to get your teeth as straight as possible, and the discomfort diminishes with time as your mouth gets used to the pressure that is constantly manipulating your teeth.

Your orthodontist can give you some relief for your pain by giving you a numbing cream for the inside of your cheeks or lips to relive chafing and rubbing and may also recommend a basic over-the-counter medication for the pressure and discomfort you feel.

There's Something Stuck In Your Braces

Over time, you will hardly notice you are wearing braces at all, and you will be able to talk, eat, drink, and perform your regular activities with ease. However, if you get something stuck in your braces, such as a small bit of food or even gum, you can feel the pain and discomfort for a few reasons.

First, you may feel pain due to irritation from the debris stuck in your braces. Food particles lodged in your braces can cause your gums or inner cheek/lips to feel sore. Secondly, food stuck in teeth can cause infection, especially if it's been lodged in your braces for a few days. Infection is painful and can be potentially very dangerous, so call your dentist if you have unexplained mouth sores.

With time, your braces should hurt less. If your braces give you pain at all, call your orthodontist right away. To learn more about braces, contact an orthodontic office like Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP.