Top Things To Do Before You Get Braces

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As the day approaches for you to get your braces on, there are some things you should do before this day arrives. Having braces will change your life a little bit, and you might have to wear them for several years. Because of this, here are some of the top things you should consider doing before you get your braces on your teeth.

Get your teeth cleaned

While dentists and orthodontists recommend getting teeth-cleanings while wearing braces, you should aim to get your teeth cleaned at a dental clinic just before getting your braces on. You should try to plan this for the week or two before you have an appointment scheduled to get your braces. Getting your teeth cleaned right before getting braces will help protect your teeth more so while you are wearing braces, and you should continue with the cleanings every six months.

Eat some of your favorite foods

During the week before you get your braces, you might want to spend some time enjoying some of the foods that you will not be able to eat while wearing braces. Popcorn is a good example of a food your orthodontist may tell you to avoid, but there are a lot of other foods that you should also avoid when wearing braces. This includes gum, candy, chips, and crunchy vegetables. If you love these types of foods, you may want to eat a few extra during the week prior to getting your braces, simply because you will not be able to eat these types of foods for a while.

Take a selfie

Another good thing to do before you get your braces is take a few selfies. When you do this, focus on smiling big with your teeth showing, so that you can have pictures to compare the results to after you get your braces off in a few years. Taking selfies can help you remember what your teeth looked like before braces, and you might notice a huge difference when you compare the before and after pics.

Take some pain pills

You can complete all these steps during the days and weeks prior to getting braces, but this last step is one you should complete just before going to the orthodontist's office to get your braces on. This last step involves taking some over-the-counter pain pills before you go. This will help reduce the pain you feel when getting braces and may help you feel a little more comfortable as they are putting them on your teeth.

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