Moving to Springfield, Illinois? How to Quickly Find Everything You Need

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Springfield, Illinois is a massive city. It is the capitol of the state, and its suburbs stretch a great distance outward, much like Chicago or Milwaukee. If you are moving from a much smaller city or rural area, Springfield may feel a bit overwhelming. However, there are ways for you to quickly find everything you need. It is better to find these places and make a list prior to moving, than to have to scramble looking for them after you have moved here. In particular, you will want to find a general physician/doctor, a family dentist, and any specialists you ordinarily see for other health conditions. Here is how to start looking.

​Check with Your Insurance Provider

This is a big deal. You are probably relocating to Springfield for work, in which case, your new health insurance plan from your job is where you should start your search. You clearly cannot carry the same health insurance over state lines, as this typically does not work out well. Ask your human resources (HR) person what insurance provider the company has in Springfield or in Illinois overall. Then ask your HR person for a copy of the healthcare and dental providers covered under this new insurance. Locating the proximity of these providers to your new work location and your new apartment or home is an excellent start.

Use Your Cellphone to Find a List of "Dentists Near Me"

​Computers as well as smartphones and tablets will now offer search engine options that list anything "near me." By allowing the computers or mobile devices to use your location, the search results pinpoint nearby doctors and dentists when these professionals are specifically requested in the search engine. Then you can click on the results to look at more info.

Then cross-check available dentists and other professionals against your book of covered healthcare providers under your new insurance. That should really help narrow things down for you in a city as large as Springfield.

​Call and Ask for an Initial Appointment

An initial screening with a new dentist/doctor is important. It sets the stage for future appointments where you will need care and/or treatment. Once you have found a few of each professional that is covered by your new insurance and located near your new residence or workplace in Springfield, you should call the top choices on your list and arrange for an initial appointment. This helps the dentist/doctor meet you, find out about your current health, start transferring your health records from your former dentist/doctors in another state. By doing an initial meeting, you avoid the hassle of trying to find immediate help in the event of an emergency because you have already established a patient/dentist or patient/doctor relationship.