Root Canals: The Benefits Outweigh Your Fears

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If a dentist ever advises you that you need to get a root canal, you might be alarmed. However, technological advancements in dentistry have made the procedure more tolerable. Pain is minimal, and most individuals will not experience any pain due to the numbing agents administered. It is best to compare the benefits against the fear. You will likely see why it is best to get a root canal if it is recommended. The following points identify a few core benefits of root canals. 

Avoid Extraction

There are a number of innovative cosmetic dentistry solutions to replace natural teeth. However, many are costly when compared to a root canal and dental crown solution. You should also consider that there is no true replacement for natural teeth. It is best to preserve your natural teeth when possible. This is one of the main reasons dentists recommend root canals

Relief from Toothaches

Many individuals attempt to self-medicate when they have toothaches. Even if they are advised they need a root canal, they might avoid it. Pain from toothaches will get worse over time, and it might get to the point where the pain is non-responsive to over-the-counter medications. Individuals who avoid the procedure due to fears about pain should consider the pain that extractions might cause. It is also worth considering the healing time for extractions and root canals.

Preserve Jawbone

Infected tooth roots can eventually disintegrate the jawbone. This means that if extractions are required, individuals who want to get certain cosmetic dentistry solutions to replace their missing teeth might need to regenerate their jawbone. This process and the cosmetic dentistry solution will cost more than getting a root canal. A disintegrated jawbone also means that natural teeth may loosen and fall out. 

Stop Infection from Spreading

Root canals are recommended when dentists identify infected tooth roots. If the infection is not removed, it can spread to other parts of the body via the bloodstream. Serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions can arise. 

A dentist is a good resource to use to learn more about root canal treatments. They can help you understand why it is urgent to get this procedure to avoid more serious complications such as infection or abscesses. The risk of needing to get an extraction should also not be overlooked. Natural tooth loss due to jawbone deterioration is another consequence of not getting a root canal when recommended.

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