4 Things To Know About IV Sedation

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Do you need to have a dental surgery performed in the future and want to know more about the type of sedation that will be used? This is what you should know about IV sedation.

The Purpose Of IV Sedation

The reason that a dentist will want to use IV sedation is so that you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed during your dental procedure. You won't have stress about the procedure as it is happening, and you won't even have a memory of the procedure being performed. This can make it possible to get through a dental procedure that would normally be hard to perform without sedation.

The Difference Between General Anesthesia And IV Sedation

You may feel a bit confused about the difference between general anesthesia and IV sedation. When general anesthesia is used in hospital settings, the patient is asleep the entire time. They can't respond to questions from the doctor, they don't have control over their body, and they even need to have their breathing controlled as well. IV Sedation leaves the patient in a state where they can respond to questions and feel completely relaxed, and their breathing doesn't need to be assisted. It's a much safer form of sedation than using general anesthesia because of this.

The Way IV Sedation Is Administered

IV sedation is administered by injecting medicine into the bloodstream. This is done by locating a vein in the person's arm to insert the IV. The amount of sedation can be adjusted on the fly to make the patient more or less sedated. This means that the patient may have the sedation reduced if they need to be asked a question, then have the sedation increased as the procedure resumes. 

The Reasons For Using IV Sedation

Your dentist will use IV sedation when the patient needs it to get through a procedure. It can be used for a surgical procedure that is more involved and the patient needs to be relaxed the entire time, and it can also be used for a deep cleaning. Some people that have severe dental anxiety need IV sedation to get through their procedure, or else they may not visit the dentist to begin with.

Have more questions about IV sedation? Reach out to your dentist and ask them about your questions and concerns. They'll make you feel more comfortable with using IV sedation so that you can move forward with your scheduled dental procedure. 

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